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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted April 28, 2017 at 06:16:46 in reply to Comment 121400

When orginally announced the project extended to Eastgate and included the James St spur.

No. When originally announced, the project stopped at Queenston and included the James Street Spur.

Now we can't find the dollars to get to Eastgate for some reason.

Um, no one is saying we can't find the dollars to get to Eastgate. The Province is saying exactly the opposite: that we can find the dollars to get to Eastgate, and are working with the City to fund it within the committed funding envelope.

I bet Ryan $10,000 in October that the James St spur wouldn't be built and that the project would be de-scoped.

I remember that. You bet me that the James Street Spur would be de-scoped because the project was going over budget. You were right that the Spur was de-scoped, but the estimated $125 million Spur cost did not push the project over-budget. Rather, that decision was made because the Spur did not deliver good value for money.

The project was never going over budget, despite your constant predictions of failure to the contrary. The B-Line cost from McMaster to Queenston is estimated at around $800-850 million, which is why the Province is willing to direct the rest of the budget on the extension to Eastgate.

In any case, we'll know the capital cost for certain once the RFP goes out and Metrolinx receives the construction bids.

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