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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted March 07, 2017 at 13:38:48

Update: the City is citing the Property standards Committee web page for its "broadcast policy". The page states in part (you need to click to expand the "Policy respecting the Broadcasting and Recording of Hearings" section):

  1. Subject to sections 2 through 8, a hearing before the Property Standards Committee (“Committee”) may not be recorded/broadcast unless prior permission has been given by the Committee.

    A statement will be read at the start of the meeting by the Committee indicating that this is the case.

  2. A recording/broadcast of a meeting may only be used for the purposes of education or news dissemination.

  3. Permission will not be given to record/broadcast hearings or portions of hearings that are closed in accordance with the Statutory Powers Procedure Act when members of the public and the media cannot attend.

  4. Parties may arrange, at their own expense, for the attendance of a qualified verbatim reporter for the purpose of recording all testimony and submissions during a hearing and preparing a transcript. Permission is not required for this, but the Committee should be informed in advance of the hearing so that the meeting room can be set up to accommodate the verbatim reporter.

  5. Subject to sections 3 and 4, a request to record/broadcast a Committee hearing may be made to the Committee. The Committee may permit the request if the members are satisfied that:

    (a) access to a hearing by the members of the Committee, the other participants in the hearing as well as the members of the public and the media attending will not be impeded;
    (b) the hearing will not be disrupted or delayed;
    (c) no prejudice to any party in the hearing will result;
    (d) no participants, including the parties, will be negatively impacted (for example, an individual participating as a witness may be reluctant to testify or testify fully); and
    (e) the privacy interests of participants will be protected.

  6. In determining whether to permit a request made under section 5, the Chair of the Committee shall ask the parties and any witnesses whether any information of a personal nature may be disclosed. In addition, the Committee may hear submissions from any interested person.

  7. The Committee may permit a request made under section 5 subject to any conditions necessary to ensure the concerns raised under sections 5 and 6 are addressed. This may include limiting permission to only a part or parts of a hearing.

  8. The Committee may, at any time during a hearing, withdraw or limit their permission to record/broadcast, if the concerns raised under sections 5 or 6 are no longer addressed.

Note item #2: "A recording/broadcast of a meeting may only be used for the purposes of education or news dissemination."

The City has yet to explain three things: 1) its definition of "recording/broadcast of a meeting"; 2) its definition of "education or news dissemination"; and 3) how Coleman’s two tweets a) meet the first definition and b) violate the second.

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