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By salamikeyvan (registered) | Posted May 09, 2016 at 14:20:17

Dear Editor Hello Thank you accepting our connection. I am an Iranian dissident writing on various international media on Iran and Middle East. I would be very interested to share news and political developments on the aforementioned issues. I have extensive contacts with political dignitaries and reliable sources in various countries. I will be glad my piece would be published in your website. I look forward to hearing from you With my the best regards, Kayvan Salami:

Iranian regime & ISIS are against Muslims

Combat against fundamentalism and terrorism in the Islamic countries came to fruition in the 13 summit meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which ended last week in Istanbul. The final declaration by the summit expressed strong condemnation of the ISIS and the role of Iran and its proxies in regional conflicts. The final declaration consists of 218 articles portraying those problems of the Islamic world examined by the summit. The organization consisting of 57 countries is the second group of world’s countries after the United Nations. It represents 700 million Muslims in the entire world. Combatting terrorism and addressing the migrant crisis were two central issues being discussed at the OIC meeting. The stance taken by the leaders and representatives of Muslim countries reflected the abhorrence and frustration of their people against the Mullahs in Iran whose international relations rest on terrorism and disrespect for sovereignty of their neighbors. Egyptian foreign minister, Sameh Shukri, voiced hope for a “quick political solution that meets the expectations of the Syrian people” and allows for “countering terrorism”. Addressing the summit, the Turkish leader Mr. Erdogan stressed his belief that terrorism is the largest problem facing the Muslim world. To effectively combat terrorism, he urged Muslim leaders to overcome their differences and join forces in the fight. Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel AL Jobeir said while speaking to Egyptian reporters, “Iranian regime’s meddling in Saudi Arabia is our principal problem”. He added, “Saudi and Egypt have the same point of view. Cairo and Riyadh have full coordination in the international and regional issues”. The communiqué published in the final session of the OIG’s 13th summit specifies, “The Conference deplored Iran’s interference in the internal affairs of the States of the region and other Member States including Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia, and its continued support for terrorism”. Through Articles 30 to 34, the final declaration deals with Iran. Article 33 explicitly condemns Iran’s meddling in the regional countries. Article 105 condemns the terrorist activities of “Hizbollah” which is a proxy group of Iranian regime. In an interview with AL Arabia TV, the Kuwaiti columnist Al Sebti said, “The past and the present and even future tell us about Iran’s threatening negative role. This regime has been involved in explosions, terrors and creating parties in our countries such as in Lebanon and Yemen”. “Iranian regime is the source of terrorism as it performs in Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain. They know exactly what they are doing”, Al Sebti concluded.
The strong condemnation by the OIC also showed that Hassan Rouhani’s deceptive policy of “moderation” finds no buyer any more. Participation of Mullahs’ president in the 13th summit of Organizations of Islamic Cooperation resembles someone trapped in the upper floor of a burning tower who throws himself out of the window to save his life. The draft of the final declaration was published well before Rouhani arrived in Istanbul. Earlier this month, just over two weeks before the summit, ships with cargos carrying weapons to the Houthis in Yemen were seized by US navy that was originated from Iran. The US Navy said its forces in the Gulf had seized a shipment of weapons on March 28 believed to be from Iran that was destined for Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen. Fox news and other news agencies cited Pentagon officials as saying early this month that the crew of a U.S. Navy ship stopped a massive Iranian arms shipment dead in its tracks, seizing thousands of weapons, AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers that likely were headed to Yemen. The two-day summit bringing together leaders of the Islamic world concluded in the Turkish city of Istanbul with a pledge to combat terrorism and overcome sectarian divide. The final communiqué came a day after Iran’s president Rouhani had urged summit delegates to avoid sending out divisive messages.

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