Articles from August, 2018

Guelph Says No to Canadian Climate Hypocrisy
The Canadian Government has no business buying an aging oil pipeline from Kinder Morgan.
by Doreen Nicoll
Published August 14, 2018 in Healing Gaia (0 comments)

The Essential Unseriousness of Conservative Politics Today
Conservatives present their own policies as better solutions, then reject both the solutions and even the existence of the problems after the centre-left agree to compromise and try to adopt them.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 10, 2018 in Politics (1 comment)

Missed Opportunity to Improve Hunter Bike Lanes
After repaving Hunter Street between James and Bay, the City repainted the lanes exactly the same as they were before instead of making room to physically protect the bike lanes.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 10, 2018 in Special Report: Cycling (0 comments)

Killing Basic Income Pilot Betrays Ontario's Most Vulnerable Residents
While basic income recipients still have to meet their fiduciary, legal and ethical responsibilities incurred by the three-year offer they acted on, the government has decided to act in bad faith.
by Laura Cattari
Published August 09, 2018 in Commentary (1 comment)

Two Eggs
One in four Hamiltonians come from cities, towns and villages outside of Canada. How blessed we are to have been chosen. What a responsibility we bear to welcome. What an opportunity we have to learn and live together.
by Maureen Wilson
Published August 01, 2018 in Municipal Election 2018 (0 comments)

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