Hamilton Needs to Design for Health and Illness Prevention

Maureen Wilson, Published September 22, 2016
This is a time for serious talk and meaningful action. Instead, we have some members of Hamilton City council who would have us get sucked into a time warp. That's a dereliction of duty.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 1 Comment

Mountain Councillors Hijack LRT Information Meeting

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 22, 2016
Skelly and Whitehead are politicizing a formal communications process, obstructing a Council-approved project and undermining public confidence in city staff.
Special Report: Light Rail | 16 Comments

Bike Lane Celebration on Saturday, September 24

Southwest Ad-hoc Bike Committee, Published September 22, 2016
Come show your support for the Herkimer and Charlton bike lanes and expanding the bike lane network across Hamilton.
Special Report: Cycling | 1 Comment

It'll End in Tears: A Long-Time Cyclist Reflects on Toronto's Mean Streets

Ben Bull, Published September 22, 2016
Tapping errant automobiles is my calling card, except I don't leave a mark. Not anymore.
Accidental Activist

Concern-Trolling Councillor Bullies Staff with Impunity

Ryan McGreal, Published September 21, 2016
What will it take for Hamilton City Council to start enforcing its own Code of Conduct?
Politics | 29 Comments

Stills in Motion: Final Weekends

Dave Harrison, Published September 20, 2016
Enjoy the nice weather while you still can.
Stills in Motion

City Opens First New Pedestrian Crossover (PXO)

Ryan McGreal, Published September 19, 2016
The new PXO at Limeridge Road East and the Escarpment Rail Trail is the first of more than thirty to be installed before the end of 2017.
Special Report: Walkable Streets | 12 Comments

Update on Hamilton LRT Plan From McMaster University

RTH Staff, Published September 16, 2016
McMaster University is fully on-board with the Hamilton Light Rail Transit plan, understands its benefits and is enthusiastic about the proposal to locate the maintenance facility near Frid Street.
Special Report: Light Rail

Why Are LRT Opponents So Down on Hamilton?

Nicholas Kevlahan, Published September 16, 2016
Cynicism entails a reluctance to believe that things can change for the better. This is particularly true for LRT opponents who are stuck in a mindset that the city is a hopeless basket case.
Special Report: Light Rail | 29 Comments

Born in Beasley: A History of the Hamilton Community Land Trust, Part 2

John A. McCurdy, Published September 14, 2016
The Beasley Charter would seek to precisely articulate how Beasley's residents' quality of life might be measurably improved and to identify concrete barriers to achieving this goal.
Special Report | 4 Comments

Stills in Motion: the Dock

Dave Harrison, Published September 14, 2016
A peaceful view of Lake Simcoe.
Stills in Motion

Herkimer and Charlton are More Than Commuter Thoroughfares

Kyle Slote, Published September 12, 2016
Herkimer and Charlton are so much more than just a traffic sewer or a shortcut to someone else's home.
Special Report: Cycling | 12 Comments

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