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Manage Yahoo and ESPN Teams with HuddleHub

  • Date: Thursday, May 02, 2019
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Location: Cornell, IL
  • Address: 507 Lowland Drive (Google Maps)
  • Contact: Stacy Baeza
  • Email: stacybaeza@protonmail.com
  • Phone: 815-358-9588

HuddleHub Fantasy Football 2010, their new app that gives players the opportunity to track fantasy teams from ESPN and Yahoo in one app and manage them from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With HuddleHub Fantasy Football the users are able to watch live scores and automatically get updates during all live NFL games. Players are welcomed to interact through Facebook and Twitter as well as on the HuddleHub site.

Along with free access to live scores the users can check players’ stats and see who’s playing well and who needs to take a seat on the bench when making the tougher lineup decisions. The HuddleHub Fantasy Football app enables the users to add players to the roster with filter tool to simplify the choice of football players according to their role on the field as well as drop them.

The fantasy players are welcomed to interact through Facebook and Twitter as well as on the HuddleHub site that is going to turn into social networking platform for fantasy players fans for google play promotion. The developers of HuddleHub Fantasy Football are also going to add more functionality making their app a point of reference for fantasy players so that they will be able to keep an eye on all their fantasy teams from different sites.

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