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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted November 14, 2012 at 07:51:05

OK, I'll bite, since I've little to write or do and y'all might call IT crazy we're all eating meat glue:

Grainne Trainor, a restaurant owner, warns "meat is something you buy at your neighborhood local butcher shop. Glue is something you buy at Home Depot. Those two words just don’t belong in the same sentence."

Oh well, what the hell and why bother I think, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink:

"Nearly everywhere that science has claimed to improve our lives, it has actually made them far worse. Even the invention of the transistor has paved the way not to global enlightenment but rather the global cesspool known as "social networks" where the world's most dumbed-down computer users attempt to impress each other with how uninformed and trendy they are."

Alas, I am aghast, at how fast we devolve but don't hurry into worry since there's nothing technology can't solve:

Dr. Crabtree doesn't seem too worried about humans possibly growing dumber, for whatever reasons. He assumes future technologies are will be able to "fix" the problem through science and medicine. "I think we will know each of the millions of human mutations that can compromise our intellectual function and how each of these mutations interacts with each other and other processes as well as environmental influences," Dr. Crabtree said in the media statement. "At that time, we may be able to magically correct any mutation that has occurred in all cells of any organism at any developmental stage. Thus, the brutish process of natural selection will be unnecessary."

Magically crazy technology has duped us with tricks and treats into careless consumers, a troupe of twits and tweets; High on horse and nigh on course to a local glue factory meet.

Speak your ideas out loud, even if it is to a stuffed bear.

lol & Cheers

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