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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted December 08, 2011 at 10:46:33

Holy crap, I cannot believe some of these comments!

Doesn't anyone even have a clue as to what is really choking this city's prosperity? IT ain't a lack of bicyclist's frenzy. People, IT is a lack of jobs and money! Progress requires more cash in our society!!!!

I used to go downtown nearly once a month when I was working either by bicycle, by bus or by walking. I haven't been there at all this year except to visit with mystoneycreek for the velo-meet and hear the proponents talking.

I have submitted four quotes in as many weeks and have nothing to show for my time. And there comes a time when guys like me throw in the towel and stop friggin' trying. Get a freakin' clue and cease with the whining and crying!

I'm outta my car but have no money for reason to go anywhere. And I am not alone, as if anyone cares.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna stuff wieners for a living, or bake cakes and call'em bread when there is so much else that my trade skills could be fixing or stuff I'd rather do instead.

Tax the shit out of homeowner's and gouge them deep for fresh water. Make sure no one has any extra cash to attend to things that really farking matter. And please hire more staffers and pay them three times what an out of work taxpayer would be glad for.

But please, find IT within yourselves to donate to food banks, because this is the season for giving and thanks, unless (and of course) you're an INTEREST-ed lender, with world-ender legal-tender pranks.

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