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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted August 02, 2011 at 22:04:59

Hey Kevin, Larry and Ryan. You see that's what I mean, here we are together, four regular RTH users talking like we've known each other for many years. IT only seems natural to want get together in person once in awhile. We have a lot more in common than we realize, I am certain of that.

Kevin just wrote a nice peace about people, Larry believes it's time to think about people, Ryan is good people and I think I am also equal in these regards towards people. Doesn't IT seem reasonable that we should enjoy each others company for real?

I know I feel more at ease communicating with people I have known for awhile. Everyone here at RTH has a couple things in common with each another and one is this is where we raise our virtual hammers together. The other thing we have in common is our hopes and dreams for the city we live in, our beloved Hamilton.

There is one place I know which would be an ideal place to meet-up once in awhile and that is at City Hall. Last year the missus and I attended the last council meeting before the election, there were hundreds of people in the gallery that night and IT was standing room only because quite a few members of USW 1005 were in attendance and together we were quite a commanding presence. To me this venue makes the most sense.

Mystoneycreek is begging for a Town Hall meeting so why not a City Hall meeting? They are always open to the public so there's nothing wrong with that. There are very nice comfortable seats in the gallery and afterwords we could all hit the core for some badly needed revelry.

That's what I would do if IT were up to me.

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