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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted March 14, 2011 at 12:57:15 in reply to Comment 60931

On Saturday last the missus and I traveled from London to Kenilworth and from Barton to Ottawa in 2-1/2 hours pretty fast, where we made seven stops at a few big-boxes and ma & pa shops with our severe petty cash.

We went to the Public Library and then the private TD Bank, we even paused where Canadian's Tire for a sausage seller's thanks. Later on we sped to Zeller's dodging cars in the expansive lot, most of whom were nudging into the closest parking spots. Next we went to Metro about half-a-kilometer away where we purchased some much needed Staples and without much further delay, we proceeded to leave the New Centre on Barton devoid of personal injury and I am very leery to say whether or not this will always be a true certainty.

At this point we were burdened with a 30 kilogram load and now faced with too narrow sidewalks all alongside that wide Barton road, where many pesky pedestrians in shrinking confinement so lowly strode. We had at least two more visits at stake as we headed down to Ottawa Street, but we wondered how much more we could take as our arms and legs had grown weak.

We dragged on past the many stores careful not to sully our shopping, our cash was in lull lagging low although our granny cart was in tow fully whopping. Eventually we reached dearest Dora's our most favourite local town deli to score us pea-meal bacon and some more Teal's sausage so yummy, until we finally reached Quality Bakery for fresh bread and a few dozen homemade cookies, to replace the pounds we just shed out walking and painstakingly looking.

Now then what is the point that I show you all this? Was IT to throw my nose out of joint or blow a few a kiss? Is there anyone I missed? My wife and I have already mastered our personal pedestrian plan that we exercise without tarry and to carry as much as we can. We walk the talk and don't worry about car centric culture, for we gain traction when our works confront the inaction that's running circles around Hamilton like vultures.!

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