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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 10, 2010 at 17:37:37

Awesome video Timber!

It has taken me the better part of a decade to flood-proof my home in the lower east side of Hamilton, all along facing due south. I suspect I might know why it rains so hard at times but must admit no amount of good science can solve the problems bad science has created and mated into seasonal rhymes. There is a spiritual element controlling the elements that political correctness seldom explores for signs.

Suffering is no laughing matter though, and I do not believe any posters here were suggesting that as being a joyful thing with their grade-schooled giggles every time IT pours bling. Lack of sympathy for Bridgestone idiots? Grants of Compassion? Have we never splashed anyone outside the safety and comfort of our own refreshingly cool pools of water just for the jeering jolt of IT's reaction?

The anecdote is, just jump right in. I felt a great relief from the rain which ended a brutally insane heatwave. I felt the full force of the stifling heat with my coworkers and colleagues in the trades; There were no fans or energy sucking condensers belching cool creature comfort into our work environments during latest sizzling, sweat sweltering suffocation of the smart heart. Many of us danced to a song of blessing for the fresh air and much needed moisture drenching us all to the bone, and I praise the Lord for sparing my own personal home. I felt reinvigorated and I laughed happily without reservation for I was hardly alone in my stewed consternation.

Red Hill Valley Parkway Flooding, hmmm? Climate Change? Damn, I sure wish I could stirrup a huge sum to solve problems like this experienced one. Fare thee well and ho-hum, I guess the next time IT rains hard, some had better pray for the sun or run from their ward.

FWIW my friends, I encourage y'all to take a moment and vote in the Jamilton Talent Search between now and July 16. There was one single song which made tears dance like rain on my cheeks. I listened to all 26 semi-finalists' entries and chose the one that I felt truly moved me the most, emotionally and with deep inspiration. To be fair, I will reserve my personal choice for now but I will share the field of musicians I narrowed down-to before choosing:

Wyde Steve Bick Rumbleshack Petit Fours Peter Tigchelaar Margaret Boyce Mass Conception Mackensie Meyer Lost Wald Laura Beesley The Ize The Human Race

IT's our Festival of Friends folks.

Voting results and social media promotion on twitter and facebook will be reviewed by a panel of judges and a final six will be determined in late July These finalists will perform before the panel of judges at the Festival Friends.

The winner selected from the final live portion of competition will be presented with at $3,000 Vibewrangler recording session prize and will also receive a spot on the Festival of Friends 2011 main stage.

Please support Hamilton's local talent pools, get out there and vote for some jewels!

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