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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 06, 2010 at 07:36:32

There have been 532 views since I posted Sunday afternoon, so where are the voters? Why is no one else weighing in? Barely 1% are actually throwing their weight around by voting up or down. This feature has not shown a fair representation of popular opinion. Therefore I believe a majority of viewers are only coming here for the entertainment value again and again and again.

The G20 event did not have to be staged deep in the heart of a major metropolitan city center. IT was staged there because the planner's desire is conflict and the media loves IT.

I also have no idea why a Toronto Mayoralty Candidate would choose to campaign on a Hamilton blog. What more can I say to this straw-man's politico manifesto other than, you win bud!

I am impressed that Mr. State at least tried to play THE REMIX GAME.

I had an interesting long holiday weekend, I didn't blog much, I was way too busy. My Canada Day BBQ was spent with family and I had a great time discussing things with: a retired Major and magazine/newspaper man from BC, a retired media executive and former producer from CBC and a prominent regional sales rep for a major retail outlet. I don't know exactly what will come of IT, but I have high hopes and aspirations this could lead to a new media here in Hamilton. Your thoughts are welcome: farmer6re9_at_execulink_dot_com

Be cool my friends;-)

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