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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted April 29, 2009 at 23:13:57

A "radically new direction" alrighty then...

I like your melodramatic skepticism, IT is refreshing. I know it is far too late to save this system of things but I like many others, still pretend it is not.

I clean up litter, walk a lot, buy local and tend small gardens here and there. The birds seem to cheer my ef- forts when I'm outdoors being green, but few people do. Most folks don't give a hoot.

And who can really blame the masses for not caring much about the sorry state of our dying planet? I myself am niggled daily when I look up into the clear blue sky, and see the most obvious damnation of our environment in modern times:

Nobody talks about it even though it is glaring down on us daily. Long skinny artificial clouds looming overhead. Laid out in fanciful grid work of parallel stripes and often circular shapes.

(The sun wont come out tomorrow - Death Winds)

The poisonous patterns spread out and eventu- ally form a quilted slick across the heavens. They position themselves over population centers and precipitate downwards as a deviant dew overnight.

(Time lapse - 73 planes before breakfast)

I'm middle-aged and I know what a contrail is. These are not contrails, contrails evaporate in a few seconds to a few minutes. I was fascinated by them in my youth back in the 60's.

(Chemtrail Plane Up Close and Personal)

It is not so keen to be excessively green It's way more true to feel blue Once you've been given The niggling clue A Grey Nun's View

(New World Order and the Chemtrails Connection)

Green travelers sing-a-long Happy Trails!

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