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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted May 17, 2008 at 08:32:15

This is not a jest.

All the people in this city regardless of their station in life need something to hope for, especially our youth:

But that is not enough. The province is providing $878,000 to keep 190 kids off the streets over summer vacation, doing something meaningful and productive. There are many more young people out there who would benefit from this program. I know, my daughter qualified last year. Her summer position at one hour photo in Jackson Square at minimum wage, has led to her traveling to Toronto this summer for a professional photo shoot of a dance recital for a cool $300. She has also landed through the program a part-time position at another local camera store, which will help carry her through university when she begins in the fall.

Adam brought up LRT again, which at $25,000,000 per kilometer equals 5410 young people working in a summer program just by shaving one kilometer off the A-line. That makes more sense to me and possibly a lot less graffiti.

This year the United Way of Burlington and Hamilton will be spearheading "Week of Impact" June 2-6:

This is an excellent initiative and an fine example of forward thinking. It is a great way for some disadvantaged members of our community to get some badly needed assistance removing graffiti from their homes and businesses, among other things. Imagine what it would be like if the United Way had more volunteers than they could handle. We could paint the whole town red.

I'm still wondering about the who's who of squelchers though. I know that there is a squelch control on radio communications devices that is used primarily to tune-out the background noise or STATIC and I'm not experiencing that here. I know the city would love to latch on to the millions offered for rapid transit and there is a lot of hype over the "spin-off" economic "trickle-down" into the little people's pockets (sorry g). But what is missing are the serious commitments to this effect (sorry Harry).

If LRT were to become a R E A L I T Y What is really in it for me (and the other little ones g) Who, like my daughter, can now take the BRT to MAC already?

Why should I (and flocks in which I fly) get all excited While the main roads get ripped up and the businesses blighted When the bikes are kicked off and riders fares become slighted?

Never mind, I already know from what I've seen The streets will be quieter and the air will be clean The walks and the medians all flowered and green

What reasons will I have to speed into the core On billionaires trams to shop in a dollar store? This whole discussion is really becoming a snore...

Ire regards less of that, need I say more?

[little people ~ regular folk]

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