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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted April 16, 2008 at 07:08:14

Could trains oust lanes on Main?

If someone wants LRT to win that someone should go head to head with the better than four times the cost factor. Work it and show where the extra money goes. Show how much of it goes back into the local community through additional maintenance workers and contracts. If you were to tell me that the chrome-shiny new National Car edifice was a sign, that local workers would be building, or at least ASSEMBLING these rather expensive electrical juggernauts, I might be sold on the idea. If you were to demonstrate a solid cost advantage in terms of local procurement of parts & labor, you would most certainly not lose my support, if you even ever had it.

The vision for this town in much dimmer the higher you climb up the ranks The planks of the ladder there are thinner and barely support light-head cranks So before you ascend with bulk numbers portend Head-heavy spend with sparse lumbers to lend Your mission will depend on plan-B plumbers befriend And scaffolding pipes, bend-over end and send-over mend faith's filling the flanks

Are the brains of the lame in their manes? Give me a break. For SHAME!

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