Municipal Election 2018

What My Candidacy Represents

With just over a week to go, Rich Gelder reflects on a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

By Rich Gelder
Published October 11, 2018

Campaigning to be the next City Councillor for Dundas and West Flamborough is proving to be a challenging, yet rewarding, experience. Our team has knocked on upwards of 6,000 doors in Dundas and the communities of Greensville, Freelton, Rockton, Upper Sydenham and Antrim Glen.

We have also completed the final of five all-candidates forums. As much as I enjoy engaging with the other candidates on ideas and issues, I am somewhat relieved that they are done. This is only because there was an unsettling trend towards the end towards negativity.

Certainly we need to hold the incumbent Councillor accountable, as well as the other candidates for their respective positions on issues, but this can be done while maintaining an tone of respect and without questioning the competence, commitment or even "presence" of any candidate.

I believe it is important that voters make an informed choice: one that considers the vision that each candidate has not only for Dundas and West Flamborough, but for all of Hamilton.

So I reiterate what my candidacy represents. I will stand or fall on any and all of it:

  1. I believe in complete and safe streets. This includes getting a handle on speeding and reckless driving in our residential neighbourhoods;

  2. I believe in investing in public transit and enhancing service to the communities of Ward 13, including Dundas and Greensville.

  3. li>

    I believe in preserving the character of Dundas by diverting larger, denser development to the light rail transit (LRT) corridor in downtown Hamilton,.

  4. I believe in relieving the residential taxpayers of our suburban areas by promoting development and growing our tax base in the core of the city.

  5. I believe in supporting our rural communities through smarter zoning and planning, preserving green space and ensuring residents pay only for the services they receive.

  6. I believe that we need to empower citizens for democratic engagement at the grassroots level and not through a Councillor-controlled structure.

  7. I believe strongly and passionately in the Light Rail Transit initiative and the city and province, through Metrolinx, should move ahead with this generational infrastructure project without further delay.

On October 22, I ask for your support.

Editor's Note: Rich Gelder is a registered candidate for Ward 13, Dundas-Flamborough, in the upcoming October 22, 2018 municipal election. You can see the official list of registered candidates on the City of Hamilton's Nominated Candidates for Mayor and Ward Councillor web page.

Raise the Hammer has a longstanding policy of not endorsing candidates, and this article should not be regarded as an editorial endorsement of the author. However, all candidates are welcome to submit articles for publication. We will accept any submission that does not violate our submission guidelines. Raise the Hammer is a free, volunteer-run publication that does not charge money for access to content and does not receive any revenue of any kind, including for commercial or political advertising.

You can find all of our municipal election coverage on our elections website.

Rich Gelder is an educator who lives in Dundas with his partner, Catherine, and two sons, Liam and Jamie. He commutes by bicycle and cares passionately about bicycles, track and field and all things Hamilton.


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