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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 30, 2014 at 16:37:02 in reply to Comment 99440

Most people here are doing practical things to make things better! Discussing options for change is part of that. The councillors of Wards 1 and ward 2 (where you apparently live) strongly support these efforts, and they were elected on a progressive platform that supports exactly the sort of thing that is promoted on RTH.

Yes We Cannon, Hamilton Light Rail, Your City Your Future are all public campaigns to effect change driven by people associated with RTH.

Many regular contributors are members of Neighbourhood Associations that have effected real change, have been involved in Participatory Budgetting in Wards 1 and 2 and have bought and restored buildings, and started and invested in local businesses.

There are only 15 councillors and a Mayor for a city of 520 000. Are those the only people who you consider contribute to the city?

Mr anonymous squelcher, when are you actually going to reveal who you even are and start doing something, anything, instead of just sniping and baiting those who actually are?

You comment an awful lot on RTH ... when are you running? Since you magically have an inside track on what is in the mind of the majority of residents, you should do awfully well!

Maybe you should take your own advice and just keep quiet.

Or maybe, the mysterious you was actually a failed candidate in the last election and this is all sour grapes.

It is rather strange that you spend so much time commenting (thousands of comments!) on a forum you think is a waste of everyone's time ... I guess you have a lot of time to waste, or you're intentionally wasting everyone's time for the lulz.

Start telling us what you've actually done ... or keep your "helpful advice" about running for office to yourself!

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