Comment 99424

By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 30, 2014 at 08:57:05 in reply to Comment 99400

The DNA requested that visible speed indicator, and Councillor Farr helped us get it.

Apparently there are only about two of them for the entire city, and they are in huge demand, so there is a waiting list to have one set up.

50 kmh is already far too fast for a residential street next to a park with a playground. In Vancouver, that location, next to a playground would have a 30kmh speed limit.

There have been multiple high speed accidents that have literally impacted the park. One ended with a car up on top of the berm at the corner of Park and Charlton!

Remember that this is a location where kids play soccer and catch ... there is a good chance of a child chasing a ball out onto the street.

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