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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted March 29, 2014 at 23:55:28 in reply to Comment 99388

Hamilton looks normal if you were born here, but looks crazy if you've lived elsewhere.

The videos of, and riding in NL, always makes me insanely jealous, but that's altogether a cut above. So let's contrast an English speaking nation where cyclists wear helmets because motor culture is pretty dominant.

Exploring Nottingham UK on foot. Stand at one of the plentiful uncontrolled courtesy crossings, and cars immediately stop to let you cross. It was unsettling. I was prepared to wait for a gap in the traffic like an obedient pedestrian. I'm inconveniencing these nice people who I brought to a stop by wanting to cross! So I cross with an efficient brisk walk and give a little wave thanks, surprised and caught off guard at the civility.

Later on wifi at the hotel I check the Spec and RTH to see what's going on back home. Yes, I don't exaggerate, struck pedestrians were headlines on the spec and topic of discussion here on RTH. There is no excuse, there is a bit of cultural sickness, but the cure includes balanced people speaking up and saying 'hey this isn't right', and that's starting to happen, finally.

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