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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 29, 2014 at 15:19:24 in reply to Comment 99389

That's an excellent point.

I would in fact prefer two-way conversion to a bike lane, but the community has never been given the choice. The message, until very recently (if even now), has been that Charlton and Herkimer and Bay and Queen MUST remain one-way.

At the Kirkendall traffic plan PIC a few years ago I specifically asked one of the engineers why there was no two-way alternative presented for Queen. Amazingly, he told me that it would be impossible 'because the east-west roads are offset'. Obviously, it is not impossible because other streets, like James, have offsets, and, more importantly Queen was 2-way until 1957!

Having two better alternative (cycle lane or two-way conversion) gives us some choice. It is not obvious, but as a daily cyclist living on Charlton I would definitely prefer two-way conversion.

There is still no installation date for the bike lane ... maybe we should now be comparing both alternatives to one-way with no bike lane. If the City will let us!

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