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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2014 at 15:03:44 in reply to Comment 99311

My crazy scheme for Victoria/Wellington:

1) Continue the "1-way complete street" approach we see on the far-north-end of Victoria through the street and copy it over to Wellington, too. Double-wide-bike-lane on the right, permanent parking on the left, 2 lanes of 1-way live traffic. Drop the permanent parking if there's any place where volumes actually justify 3 lanes of live traffic (I doubt it).

2) Convert the downward side of the Clairmont access into a pedestrian/bike-way. It would be the most stupidly humongous bike/pedestrian path ever built... but unlike the Cannon street bikeway, this is wide-enough to accommodate the existing plow infrastructure, and the Clairmont is so low-use it wouldn't even ruin the traffic - zero added-cost for ploughing, but we've just got rid of the auto/truck wear-and-tear from the downward-side. The formerly-upward-side can be 2-3 lanes upwards, 1 lane downwards. It's just new paint and signs, you don't even need to move the barriers and lights.

Something funny might have to happen with the Clairmont/Sherman ramp.

3) Create a proper signalized intersection at Hunter and Victoria to accommodate the down-bound Clairmont traffic provide a terminus for the pedestrian/cyclist lane, etc. Similar at Clairmont and Inverness. This is basically the only expensive part, because you'd have to completely rebuild the Hunter/Victoria intersection to get the downbound Clairmont merging into eastbound Hunter, which in turn goes to the light to turn left onto Victoria (crap, I should just draw a diagram).

4) Find out who's responsible for Hunter/Clairmont and have him shot. I mean god dammit, what the heck is that. I once walked down Victoria to go to the Central Memorial rec centre... that was really, really confusing.

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