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By Whole Story (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2014 at 11:59:56 in reply to Comment 99300

With apologies to Notlloyd(registered), I wonder what the U.S. economy would be like if their government had not built the interstate system starting in the 1950's. My assumption is that there is no way that system could have been built on user fees and gas taxes and must have been heavily paid for out of general revenue.

I don't know if it has been studied, but my guess is that the net benefit to the American economy was staggering.

As to the property tax issue, I agree. I never understood why the provincial government downloaded road costs to municipalities other than as a crass maneuver to artificially impact deficit accounting.

As a "selfish" cyclist I would agree with whatever expenditures are necessary to improve cycling in Hamilton and in particular to fix the very dangerous potholes and cracks that exist near the sidewalks that take me off the roads due to safety concern. My only reason for venturing into the forum was due to what I perceived to be an inaccurate and overly simplistic view being presented. As in many other things, health care, air transport, satellites, the internet .... using general revenue to fund projects is completely justifiable. My main point is that given that the huge percentage of people paying taxes are drivers (or the family of drivers), it is unfair to take that into account. We don't ask people who go the doctor to pay a toll, we don't ask cyclists who MIGHT pay nothing to use the roads to pay a toll.

My recollection is that when the Government of Ontario increased taxes on driving through gasoline etc., they promised to eliminate road tolls. Now they are taking the money and want to return to tolls. Recall the tire tax that was to fund re-cycling that disappeared into a black whole; Or the "Gas guzzler" tax that likewise went who knows where. Tolls to fund subways? I have a significant intellectual disagreement with such a philosophy - as much as I disagree that property taxes should be used to fund welfare.

However, I agree with the above poster who says that this discussion is getting way to complicated and off point which is partially my fault.

So I agree with Ryan(registered) completely. But I disagree with the implied assertion that drivers are under-taxed for their use of the roadways.

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