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By Pipes (registered) | Posted March 05, 2014 at 23:54:47 in reply to Comment 98225

Hydro Corridors are perfect candidates for multi-use trails. Infrastructure Ontario (owner of the old Hydro One corridors) have programs in place to encourage municipalities to develop secondary usages for these corridors.

Asphalt is definitely out of the question for the majority of the trail. It's cost prohibitive from the get go. It would have to be gravel like all the existing rail trails in the City.

Hamilton has their Recreational Trail Master Plan, dated 2007, available to the public. Much of the proposed alignment was identified in the master plan. Identification is easy, implementation is the hard part. As with all City projects, funding is the major stumbling block. I believe only a small sample has been implemented to date. Namely the re-purposing of the old railway line linking Ainslie to Chedoke Golf Course.

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