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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted January 13, 2014 at 20:42:16 in reply to Comment 96696

I happen to have kids at Westdale whom I must drive to school due to their schedules. The intersection at Main is a disaster. Because they eliminated the through lane, traffic heading northbound is stuck as cars hold to turn right for pedestrians. I have sat at that intersection for 8 red lights in the morning. Before the changes I used to wait for one. It was never a bottleneck. Now it is.

Similarly, for southbound traffic out of Westdale, you sit through five or six lights trying to head south at evening rush hour because they eliminated one lane through making a mandatory left turn lane.

When you build roads you have to build capacity for the high volume times. It appears to be wasteful on off times, but it meets capacity at high volume times.

Using your throwing things down the toilet analogy, one would never build a house with a one inch black water pipe just because a big pipe is rarely used and is expensive. Yes it's expensive to use a larger pipe, but when you flush the toilet, the waste is eliminated as opposed to just sitting there - or worse, backing jup into your home.

Why does everyone want to punish people in cars forcing them to sit for ten minutes at an intersection polluting away? Don't get me started about that stupid light at Aberdeen and Dundurn!

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