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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted January 12, 2014 at 13:50:44

In the mid to late nineties a "20's Plenty" (20 mph) campaign began in Warrington, England. There were so many communities wishing 20 mph neighbourhoods that local authorities couldn't keep up with the approval procedures. Today, over 12 million people in neighbourhoods throughout England enjoy the myriad of benefits of 20 mph (30k)

In 2006, North End residents used the 20's Plenty success in England as part of their desire to have the same. Checking online one can see there are plenty of towns and cities that are committed to 20's Plenty and have scores of organizations backing them. After our initial presentation 7 years ago, Bob Bratina (then Ward 2 Councillor) was the only City person who signed a Commitment to 30k in the North End. Perhaps he is the person to speak to in regards to overturning Hart Solomon's draconian measure of not allowing any neighbourhood, other than the North End, to have 30k. Please remember, it was Hart who introduced a bylaw in 2007 that forbids speeds lower than 50k in the City, save for school areas and, now, the North End.

If memory serves me right, some towns in England were not willing wait for formal approval of 20mph and were encouraged by officials to make their streets 20mph any which way they could. One town did just that and started to take up the street bricks to force drivers to slow down to 20mph.

No town or city had to wait for a 20's Plenty pilot project to wrap up before having a livable, and wonderful, 30k neighbourhood. No neighbourhood in Hamilton should have to wait for our North End pilot project to end either.

Talk to Mayor Bratina - he supported us in 2006 and am sure he would support further 30k neighbourhoods without the needless wait. As well, there are quite a few doctors at Mac who have been shouting about slower residential speeds for some years now. Back in 2006, Drs. Brian McCarry and Dennis Corr supported our 30k initiative. And, now that Hart Solomon is not here to raise a fuss about livable, breathable, safe neighbourhoods (and how we shouldn't have them), well, anything and everything is possible to get 30k where you live.

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