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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted November 09, 2013 at 06:54:58 in reply to Comment 94553

The reports we were just given about Hamilton ped safety listed the fatalities over the years - did you notice most of them were elderly? A few months ago I was biking along Garth and witnessed an old man crossing slowly with a cane, far from a light (for him), almost get mowed down by a green wave. I watched the whole thing. There was sufficient gap for him to cross when he started, but he only made it across two of four lanes, when the northbound green wave caught up to him. Cars were veering into oncoming lanes to wrap around this man. He was crossing at an uncontrolled intersection.

Just as I was slowing to get off my bike and stop traffic myself and escort this man across the street, finally someone stopped, and then others did too. It seemed a textbook lack of education - as soon as the first car stopped, everyone else was happy to do so. But the first bunch of cars never thought to. People driving really don't know that they are to stop for someone who has started to cross. I understand the perspective - without the painted lines, sign, or widespread public education - the drivers feels afraid to stop in the middle of the road, get rear ended, and be at fault. Who stops their car randomly in the middle of a busy road? This is the missing education component. Those courtesy crossing signs will be invaluable as a part of an educational campaign. People simply don't know right now what to do.

How many elderly crossing the street, most of the fatalities on the list, didn't make it across the street in time despite their best effort? (oh great, now I wanna cry)

edit: I accidentally some words when I type fast.

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