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By grahamm (registered) | Posted November 08, 2013 at 20:44:22

I watched two cars turn from Charlton to Queen tonight while a boy, who was maybe 13, waited to cross Westbound on the South side of Charlton with the light. The third car waited, but I couldn't believe my eyes. Since when was it ok to use the time that it takes a pedestrian to get halfway across the street as an opportunity to turn left?

Progress is being made for pedestrians, but there is a big culture shift that needs to happen within the ranks of drivers to re-prioritize pedestrians and give them right of way when it is rightfully theirs. This was succinctly summarized back in August in the article [Raise the Pedestrian] ( "Raise The Pedestrian").

The signs Ryan is suggesting give the pedestrians the rights that are theirs by law and would do more to change the culture among drivers than what is proposed. The proposed signs remind me of the "Pedestrians To Cross on Other Side" signs.

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