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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted November 08, 2013 at 10:24:18 in reply to Comment 94531

I'd be fine with "wait for gap" signs if they were accompanied with signs telling motorists to yield to crossing pedestrians.

All these signs just seem so wasteful though. The city is obsessed with signing every minor road change. A residential street goes 2-way and there has to be a sign every 100 meters reminding people how to drive on a 2 way street? it's not necessary.

Why can't we just adopt a standard paint colour/pattern and get down to business painting every crossing starting with the most dangerous ones. We can put signs on a few of the big ones, and let the information filter in that the same rules apply to every crosswalk. I'm pretty sure people will figure it out.

At the risk of attracting trolls who will rant about anecdotes of unsafe pedestrian activity, I will state that pedestrians inherently understand they have to wait for a gap in traffic before crossing, since they have a fundamental instinct for self preservation. Signs are redundant. The few pedestrians who don't care about their own safety aren't going to change their habits due to a sign. If we are going to remind anyone about the laws, we should be reminding drivers, who are capable of inflicting much greater damage on others than a pedestrian can.

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