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By LeeLee (anonymous) | Posted October 09, 2013 at 22:47:43

I have lived in Toronto- the Danforth, downtown, and west end. I was raised in Ajax for about 9 years as a kid until the mid 80s. I've lived in Scarborough, and I've lived in Oshawa. And I have lived in the US too. EVERY place has it's share of problems that suck.

In the 80s-90s as a teen I lived in Oshawa. I thought it was okay but it sucked, and the crime amongst youth was particularly high. Things were just so boring and bleak. It seemed like so many kids just got involved in bad stuff there. I had a feeling people were very socially cut off, and the social scene there was just very small minded.

Scarborough had its positive and negatives. It was okay, in that there was more to do, more jobs, and better opportunities at school, but crime in and around the area where I lived made Oshawa not seem so bad. There was more high profile violence in Scarborough, like shootings, and lest we forget, the crimes of Paul Bernardo were happening in my 'hood as a teen.

Downtown Toronto, was fun but drugs, crime, and rampant homelessness was apparent. The homelessness, and the apathy of people in downtown Toronto was kind of unsettling to me. I think I found myself feeling rushed all the time. I did love that I literally could tumble out of my apartment and find about a million and one things to do, every day.

West end Toronto(parkdale) was a different beast altogether. The dirty shwa has nothing on King and Jameson. Poverty, and mental health issues are blatantly apparent there, but there are amazing things to do, and the area is becoming extremely trendy. There are some serious crime issues still in that area that has put parkdale in the news a few times. Property values are highly disproportionate to the earning power of neighbourhood. It is known as slumlord alley.

Then again wait 10 years, and places will change, either for better or worse. I think Oshawa has changed quite a bit. I think there is more culture, coming in with the improvement of the schools there.

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