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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted September 08, 2013 at 16:18:57

Agreed with Nicholas re: limiting proposals to one-off infrastructure projects, and with Norman that the greatest area needing improvement is communication.

About 5% of ward 2 holds a Master’s degree or above, but more than 25% of the ward population lacks even a high school education. In the interests of accessibility, it would be helpful to prioritize simplicity and clarity.

In a fifth of Ward 2 homes, non-official languages are those spoken most often at home. A tenth of the ward is made up of recent immigrants to Canada. I would hope that multi-lingual outreach initiatives and materials would be available for these individuals.

Unemployment and poverty are also markedly higher in Ward 2 than elsewhere in the city. A third of Ward 2 households have incomes of less than $20K annually, more than twice the city-wide average. There is value in actively engaging these residents in community-building exercises, especially as they tend to be marginalized in most conventional political exchanges.

Online voting and flexible options for contributing input and ideas should also be woven into the whole.

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