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By fmurray (registered) | Posted September 07, 2013 at 10:34:04 in reply to Comment 91837

Mal, I agree. We have to remember that as time goes on, even with best of intentions, the possibility of weaknesses in the system leading to potentially shady or corrupt outcomes is very real. Only a solid process will keep everything above-board.

This was the first time around, and there were definitely some mistakes made. But I think people here are gettting too hung up on the compromise option. I was out in a Mobile Voting Station for the weekend of the vote and most people took a LONG time going over the ballot. If they hadn't read it at home and hadn't pre-decided, it could take up to 15 minutes for them to go over all of the options. The people who voted cared about the outcome and most were willing to take some time with it. Also, this year was about outreach. Explaining PB and building awareness was probably the largest amount of time spent over the weekend. Even though people had received the ballot at home and there were stories in the media, face-to-face explanation is sometimes the only way to get the word out. There's a lot of noise in our world. Next year will be better and subsequent years will keep building on the foundation. This is a good thing built at the grassroots level and the organizers did their best. Hopefully everyone with ideas or opinions will come out the meetings to help decide what gets on the ballot for next year. (And I agree that stricter criteria needs to be met on proposals.)

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