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By Frank (registered) | Posted July 19, 2007 at 15:44:57

LOL, the only Democrats who are going to talk about impeachment are are looking for money from various mainstream Democrats such as dailykos.

The facts are that Bush has not performed all the crimes you claim. There are a few things that could get him in trouble, the the truth is that he fully told the Democrats in congress and they said nothing about it until it became news, well after the actions had taken place. The other cases are just political butchery, that 61% of Democrats say Bush helped or could of helped with the 9/11 attacks is not good.

There are numerous odd ball items such as him ordering no-compete contracts for Katrina, but no one is going to call him on that. With all the mainstream Democrates saying "Bush is Hitler" and "This was all done because Bush is just a Jew lover" the claims that getting supplies to hurricane victims at a fast rate then would be allowed under normal conditions is just going to get much traction.

You are right that Democrats are scared of Bush, they are scared that any trial would bring out that they knew and approved of what he did, they are scared that trials would bring out that the various internal troubles have all been in places under the control of Democrat leader, and they are scared that while they have been calling Bush the stupidest person in the world he has been battling them in the public and political arena and winning.

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