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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted July 19, 2007 at 14:03:21

I received notes about this petition from many friends and had a lot to say. I'll try to summarize:

First of all, this petition makes no sense. The 6 bus doesn't go toward McMaster and stop short.. it's a completely different line that goes down to Princess Point. This petition is calling for a complete rerouting under the guise of an "extension" which is not the reality.

Second of all, if you rerouted it to McMaster, you'd be cutting off access to a lot of houses that lie between King and Princess Point and who may rely on that bus to get them to the King and Main connections. Not to mention, the waterfront trail that starts at the point should be promoted as much as possible -- including through convenient transit access.

Third, why not focus on petitioning for a solution that helps everybody? What we need to fight for is more frequent service along King so that the connection at King and Longwood is better (less waiting and no packed buses during the rush). Really, there's nothing wrong with the actual King and Aberdeen routes under the current setup -- it's the frequency of service that is causing problems. So wouldn't the best solution be to put 20% more capacity on the King line during the rush, reducing crowding by 20% and reducing wait times by 20%? This would help everyone who rides to McMaster, including those that try to get on a King bus anywhere between Queen and Longwood -- people who would not benefit at all from rerouting #6.

I will not sign because I am 100% FOR increased service area and 100% AGAINST decreased service area. In my opinion, removing any current routes is a step in the wrong direction, even if it helps more people in the short run. Once that Princess Point leg is gone, it's gonna be like pulling teeth to ever get it back. So, send me a petition for increased King service and I'll sign it twice!

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