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By Jon Dalton (anonymous) | Posted July 11, 2007 at 11:48:02

If you work near the Lakeshore line, Go has you well looked after with their hourly service both directions. The Georgetown line also has reverse service limited to a few runs. Anywhere else in the GTA though, it's going to be a series of long bus rides.

The manufacturing and technology industries that locate in suburban areas are the worst for promoting the one person, one car mentality. In the industry I work in, everyone drives their own car to get to work and to get around on business.

Companies must like the image of a building in a newer suburb with a green chemical lawn and a parking lot full of late model cars. They are the ones who encourage and reward people for buying following this ridiculous pattern of one person in one car, everywhere they need to go. They could do alot to help by allowing people to adjust their schedule to match train times, and building fewer costly parking spaces and offering the option of a free transit pass instead of a free parking spot. But they won't because they have this image of car equals rich and bus equals poor.

The Go Transit system survives on its morning runs into Union and the evening runs out, because those passengers save time as well as money, and make enough to pay for it. If these trains didn't run, (they carry 3 times as many passengers as the GTA's main highways), people could not get to work.

The reverse commute situation will improve when it becomes a necessity, but transit companies can't make any improvements when people are still too stupid to use what's there.

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