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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted September 11, 2006 at 12:38:10

Great observation. I recall reading about a bunch of Torontians who were moving back from Paris because they felt overwhelmed by the city and it's suffocating presence.

'The city has already been built' they wrote. 'There's no way for it to evolve' The writer likened the meticulously planned built environment of Paris to a jewel in a ring, 'To change it you would have to pop it out in one peice' he wrote... He also commented on how oppressing it was to live there, almost as if the weight of history was somehow telling it's modern day citizens how to behave... He finished out by praising TO for all it's warts because, if nothing else, it is a city that is allowed to evolve.

The idea that even a beautiful city can be a victim of it's own design is interesting (and encouraging :) ) It's also one of the reasons we at RTH do not like grand scale development of any kind. Cities should evolve. Take a walkthrough Olde Dundas - you'll see the hap-hazard evolution of that old town. It makes it interesting, beautiful and it gives the present generation something to work with.

Good points.



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