Comment 87750

By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 09, 2013 at 04:43:47 in reply to Comment 87727

Neither one of you are producing any numbers just engaging in an online peeing contest. If "the proof of this is that IT ISN'T" you need to show your proof.

If you look at the jobs and subsequent income taxes, the sales taxes, and all revenues for the government generated by the car it is significant. But there are also costs for having roads, and car infrastructure but you have to keep in mind at least some of that infrastructure is required for things like fire trucks and ambulances and garbage pickup etc...

So "math iz fun" put up your numbers or you're just as guilty of "bad faith" as LOL.

I actually think it would an interesting analysis and if environmental cost is not considered and we are just counting the money I think the results may indeed show the government has been raking it in on cars and car-culture for years and that's why they don't really want that to change.

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