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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted April 06, 2013 at 15:43:30 in reply to Comment 87678

I completely disagree. Politicians, even Conservatives rarely lower taxes/service charges and even when they do it tends to be by very small margins (save for big business but that's another debate).

The reason for this is removing money from the budget can and does result in service disruptions which can be just as politically dangerous. There's only so much fat to trim in government.

The 407 generated $40 million in profit (not revenue) a year. That is a huge revenue stream and raising it's toll caries far less political risk then raising/creating taxes because it's an optional route. It's the same reason liquor/beer tax is so high, because it's not politically dangerous to raise it slowly because it's a sin tax. Besides, congestion taxes are much easily implemented by simply raising the gas tax, raise it until the numbers do support it. You can't drive without gas, unless you have an electric car an that's a whole other issue.

We can all agree though, selling it was one of either the most incompetent or corrupt moves the Conservatives ever made. Thankfully whoever the Federal Cons have in charge of the CPP is smart, as the CPP bought a 10% stake in the road in 2010.

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