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By LOL all over again (anonymous) | Posted April 06, 2013 at 04:27:30

There is now way that the automobile and highway industries are a net loss for the governments of this country. You only take into account the direct costs and taxes to claim the subsidies on our roads. Take into account the taxes collected at every stage of getting the raw resources and converting them to parts and them assembling them into a car and the net result has to be a gain for the governments. The large amount of money spent on building and maintaining our roads is labour costs. These are typically well paying jobs which means the workers surrender a sizable percentage back to the government coffers. And on and on it goes. That is why all governments fall over themselves to attract and keep automobile manufacturers and all the ancillary parts. Cars are a major driving force in our economy. I know that you all prefer bicycles but they just don't cut it. The other big caveat is that the highway system that we have is what allows us to have the highest standard of living we have ever enjoyed.

The taxpayers in Ontario just cannot afford another $2 billion a year out of their pockets. That will cripple our already struggling economy. From reading the nonsense coming out of metrolinx and the provincial government I am not convinced that even includes the A or B line in Hamilton. That is more likely to be used for the improvements in metro Toronto and to the various Go lines running into Toronto. They are talking about all day Go Trains to and from Milton. With a major multi year build of tracks to accommodate that.

All these rail and LRT projects are just to expensive, we simply cannot afford them. I see that Go just received new twin deck buses that can carry almost twice as many passengers compared to conventional buses. These are the kind of projects that we need to explore and utilize.

Let the downvoting begin.

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