Comment 86367

By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 15, 2013 at 14:17:32 in reply to Comment 86363

When the city itself is only pocketing 5% of what is lost at the casino, I personally think it's disingenouus to say you're "not sure" dollars are leaving the city. At 5% retention I think it's fairly safe to say money IS leaving the city, the only issue is, how much.

If the city was getting closer to 20%, then I might agree with you and say "it's not clear".

Don't forget that problem gamblers, who make up a significant portion of gambling revenue, don't just spend their "entertainment" income on a casino instead of going elsewhere. They spend their emergency cash, retirement money, healthcare money, food money, mortgage their house, etc.

Arguably that's getting more money into the economy, but it's not something I would ever advocate because it's likely to turn them to social assistance in the long run (and cost us money again).

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