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By Le Chiffre (anonymous) | Posted November 28, 2012 at 08:03:56

A bill that could financially help Caesars Windsor and other Ontario cas!nos appears to be on death row in the Senate and that concerns Ontario's southern-most cas!no.

Bill C-290 would allow g@mblers to bet on single sporting events, like the Super Bowl, passed unanimously in the House of Commons.

However, Senators say they are poised to reject it.

'We probably have enough ... to kill it.'— Senator Norman Doyle

"I've talked to people individually who indicate that they're going to vote against it," Conservative Sen. Norman Doyle said in an interview earlier this month. "I'm thinking that we probably have enough people in the Senate to kill it."

It would mark the first time the Upper Chamber has rejected legislation unanimously passed by members of Parliament.

Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse, who cosponsored the bill initiated by Joe Comartin, said MPs have stepped up a letter-writing campaign in Ottawa to convince senators to pass the bill.

Currently, the criminal code prohibits betting on individual sports games. It's only legal to do so in four U.S. states. Michigan and Ohio, two of Ontario's biggest gaming competitors, aren't among them.

Business at Caesars Windsor has suffered through a high Canadian dollar and U.S. passports laws so if ever there was a time Caesars Windsor could use some unique gaming aspect to attract more American guests, this is it.

"We're keeping a close eye on it. It will be good for our business," said Scott Jenkins, the director of advertising for Caesars Windsor. "It's certainly something that we're hopeful gets passed."

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