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By Fluid Influence (anonymous) | Posted November 27, 2012 at 11:37:57 in reply to Comment 83185

"In 1945, the mass media comprised newspapers, radio and cinema; television was still in its infancy and BBC broadcasts did not resume until 1946. Cinema was still a major source of news as well as entertainment thanks to the newsreels that preceded films. The newsreels (which you can see at and were usually less than ten minutes long and were highly deferential towards leading figures of authority. A decline in cinema attendance led to the demise of the newsreel format: after a peak of 1.6 billion admissions in 1945-6, cinema audiences plunged to under a third of this figure by the mid- 1950s. This collapse was almost entirely due to the rise of television, which soon emerged as the main provider of news and entertainment.

News was a staple part of early television, and news bulletins became longer and more regular. The legalisation of commercial television in 1955 and commercial radio in 1973, of satellite and cable television in the mid 1980s, and of digital television after 1998, all added to the sheer quantity of news and entertainment broadcast."

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