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By FYI (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2012 at 16:50:12

Youtube Video on Sanford School:

Published on Nov 24, 2012 by Christopher Healey

We were feeling helpless and exasperated at news that the local school board had slipped through a demolition order request to level a heritage building - and this gets processed within 10 days! The obliteration can begin in January.

There is no or little chance of fighting it this at this point. But what we can do is document the moment by complaining on a cold, overcast and very windy day as we walk around the school. We can let everyone know what happened here and who was involved in these decisions. We can present more viable options to demolishing heritage buildings - such as a senior home, artist live-work spaces or even condos.

In Hamilton Ontario where we live many beautiful buildings get torn down and now one of the most historically significant landmarks of built heritage in the city core is to be quickly demolished and replaced with a soccer field with plenty of free parking. Sanford School was opened in 1932 and is the first 100% Canadian steel framed building.

You can find out more by visiting my blog post about it at

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