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By mrgrande (registered) | Posted November 13, 2012 at 08:57:41

A lot of people seem to be implying that a downtown casino will create problem gamblers, and by rejecting it, we're somehow "preventing" this. I don't buy it. We have a bingo hall downtown, plus tonnes of places to by lotto tickets. Not to mention, the Flamborough and Niagara casinos are a short bus ride away. If someone wants to gamble away all their money, they don't need a brand new casino to do that in; they already have plenty of options.

On the other hand, a new casino can:

  1. Provide the city with hundreds of new jobs (some of them high paying, although I admit many of them won't be).
  2. Provide the city with sorely needed property tax revenues.
  3. Depending on the location chosen, we could be losing one of our many, excess surface parking lots.
  4. Provide the city with a new entertainment venue for live shows.

Are there some negatives? Potentially. Are there positives? Most definitely.

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