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By ThisIsOurHamilton (registered) - website | Posted October 26, 2012 at 08:56:33 in reply to Comment 82282

There are reportedly 23,400 jobs downtown generating an average salary of just under $54K, but only 8,300 residents -- and ~5,300 (64%) of those are LICO.

This wasn't always the case. Change is needed.

Even acknowledging that my question isn't 'on-topic', I'd love to hear more about what you've presented. Specifially:

-'This wasn't always the case.' Please expand. What is your historical perspective on what the 'traditional' breakdown has been over the past half-century? (I'm framing this to take into account What Downtown Plans Were Put Into Effect About This Time) Especially given how much (east of James) actually hasn't changed in all this time.

-'Change is needed.' This is a much larger discussion, especially considering that most people are unwilling to take an honest look at the downtown-core's history going back the aforementioned fifty years. a) Please define 'change'; ie, how you'd like to see the area's profile shift, and b) What do you feel has stood/stands in the way of this happening?

Maybe my interruption is in fact germane to this article. Maybe it's actually fundamental to the 'discussion' taking place here: What do you want your downtown-core to become?'

I'm asking this of RTH readers, because it's not news if I say that this 're-imagining' of the area has not been a concern of Councils (and I'm not merely talking about paying lip-service here) going back longer than I'd like to say out loud. This notion of 'increased dialogue', beyond the usual 'developers, architects and monied urbanistas' and focusing on 'average' Hamiltonians is something I've prodded both CBC Hamilton and 'urbanicity' just this week.

To paraphrase the Heinz Beans kid: 'More dialogue, please.'

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