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By concernedistated (anonymous) | Posted October 16, 2012 at 09:10:00

I am very relieved to see almost all of the same criticisms I've formulated about CBC reflected in this article and comments.

I'm posting anonymously with my criticisms of CBC because being blacklisted is a very real possibility in this small media world of ego, and the place I work at does not deserve that. It's that reality which makes open discussion risky and rare, so I really appreciate RTH's open and frank discussions.

I will add that I think much of the problem is actually generational, and rests squarely on the shoulders of RG, the executive producer. I've seen this before with digital services - the audience being catered to is completely different than the senior management, and this is clearly RG's show and the targeted demographic is clearly having a disconnect with his almost cult of personality + fluff approach. He might be very well suited for radio or TV, but seniority and ego have put this guy in charge of something he is not the best suited for. I don't blame the staff for lack of depth or meaningful engagement as I really see an extra effort of control by RG - that's why there is a very obvious choke-point in the local news dripping out through their service. The small group of twitter accounts they allow on the site is also evidence of his distrust of a more pure, raw community voice. It's not guerilla cheese or SS fault they are plastered on CBC with their safe fluff - it's simply evidence of RG's vision of what he thinks is interesting and relevant ... to RG. Too bad what he likes is so damn trite and boring.

I am certain his days at this location are numbered - he'll probably be sent to the new locations to help out there and hopefully younger, more savvy and most importantly more social leadership will take over. Sometimes you need someone like RG, who is unspectacular but industrious and controlling to safely get something going before you can take it to the next level.

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