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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted October 13, 2012 at 10:36:48

I remember sitting down having a coffee with Roger Gillespie about 3 weeks before the official launch of CBC Hamilton and asking him to describe what was being planned. The answer was weak. It lacked focus. When pushed, he talked about the map feature, explaining that you could see where a traffic accident had occurred, or where Gorilla Cheese was. I was incredulous. I asked him a one word question, "Why?", offering that I thought it was an example of junk journalism.

More than 6 months later, not much has changed. Snappy crime postings, a map that every single person I speak to says they skip past immediately, local boosterism that is not worthy of our national broadcaster, and a standard of content that seems more interested in clicks than in journalism, all point to an ill-thought through idea that has been badly executed. Thank goodness Paul Wilson provides them with the great work he does. Otherwise, why bother?

I love the CBC. Having said that, I'm hugely disappointed in CBC Hamilton. Talk about lunch bag letdown. I want CBC here in Hamilton. I like the idea that they are experimenting with a new model. Problem is, the new model was ill-conceived. The vey fact that it was still "organic" only weeks before launching officially is revealing. But, this can be fixed. To do so, however, will require a commitment and an openness from CBC brass in Toronto to refocus their efforts in Hamilton. The fact that so many local people, both here and on other social media, seem to have a similar "want CBC, but not this way" attitude is significant. I urge CBC Toronto to pay attention and to take action. Soon. Not in 6 months.

Thanks Sonja for getting this started. We needed this. The CBC needed this.

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