Comment 81563

By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2012 at 20:34:24 in reply to Comment 81536

"Social trends" reportage that lacks a fullsome understanding of the city's socioeconomic realities as well as the political machine that governs the city seems to me inherently limited. You tend to get the executive brief with a couple of colour quotes but no expanded understanding of the issue's roots or fruits.

I think that The Spec has done remarkably well considering the self-inflicted institutional amnesia it incurred in the latest round of buyouts. (Eric McGuinness has popped up on RTH since then, if I'm not mistaken.)

Kudos as well to the news hacks over at Hamilton Community News (formerly Brabant). Folks like Kevin Werner and Richard Leitner (like Paul Palango before them) bring grit and substance to a vehicle that many write off as little more than skin for the weekly log of advertising flyers.

And of course Joey Coleman, whose dogged newsgathering/analysis/dissemination reputation rightly precedes him. That and he takes the high road even when CBCYHM has been known to coast in his draft. A gem and a gent.

In sum, I don't buy the whole "limited means" argument. There are a lot of people in town doing a lot more with far less.

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