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By Sigma Cub (anonymous) | Posted September 22, 2012 at 15:25:37 in reply to Comment 80873

"The following estimate summarizes the costs to implement the streetscape master plan for York Boulevard between James St. and Bay St. It utilizes the Bay St. Streetscape project of 2005 as a comparable.The work is for both sides
of the street, but does not include reconstruction of the existing roadway.
Expressed in 2009 dollars.

1 Road Reconstruction: not included
2 Road Resurfacing: $250,000.00
3 Curb Replacement & Boulevard Treatment: $320,000.00
4 Urban Braille Sidewalks: $250,000.00
5 Decorative Lighting & Electrical Works: $290,000.00
6 Decorative Traffic Signal Poles & Electrical: $160,000.00
7 Irrigation, Planting & Street Furniture: $300,000.00
8 Edge Restoration & Approaches: $22,000.00
9 Utility Adjustments: $35,000.00
10 Design & Engineering $100,000.00
11 Sub total $1,727,000.00
12 10% Contingency $173,000.00
13 Total $1,900,000.00

That's roughly $2m in 2012CAD for a 400m conversion. If you did away with the ornamental aspects (#5-7), you could whittle cost down by $900K. I assume that greater distance might introduce some savings from economy of scale but based solely on the above the price tag would be something on the order of $21m-$42m (plus road reconstruction) if you wanted to give a similar treatment to Main from Mac to the Delta. That's arguably peanuts when you think of the undertaking and the effect it would have.

The other aspect of the equation is planning and implementation. That stretch of York had a planning and implementation timeline of 25-40 months.

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