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By FRanklin (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2012 at 10:27:45

The two-way conversion was great (and more are needed), but other elements have also helped spur James North's "organic" revitalization:

LIUNA's multi-million-dollar restoration of CN's Stuart Street Station (2000)
Hamilton Downtown Property Improvement Grant Program, aka Enterprise Zone Grant Program (2002-present)
Ricahrd Florida's Creative Class theory (2002-present)
Establishment of Downtown Urban Development Corporation (2004)
Clustering of galleries and relentless hyping of same (2005-present)
Hamilton Downtown Renewal Community Improvement Funds (2005-present)Multi-million-dollar renovation of Central Library/Farmer's Market (2007-2011)
Multi-million-dollar restoration of Lister Block (2008-2012)
Relocation of City Hall to City Centre (2008-2010)

Et cetera.

Two-way streets do wonders for street-level experience but as economic stimulus mechanisms they've never functioned in isolation.

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