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By jason (registered) | Posted September 05, 2012 at 09:54:08 in reply to Comment 80441

I love how Dreschel tries to dismiss this is as a brief fad, yet he was writing about it, in response to citizens like us, back in 2000.

A few points from me: - York used to be 5 lanes eastbound and is now 2 lanes eastbound and it hasn't added a second to my trip on it in the morning. And this is without converting Cannon. In other words, those 3 lanes are simply gone. Vanished. Why should someone assume that converting Main/King will add any time to their trip? It will simply balance the lanes across 2 streets instead of 1.

  • Do we have stats showing this crushing load of thousands of people who live in Westdale and work near Eastgate Square?? And if they exist, why are none asking for Main/Queenston to be converted to 1-way past the Delta? More than half of their trip is on two-way streets yet traffic moves just fine. Is there some magical load of thousands of cars that drop out of the sky west of the Delta, and disappear east of it??

  • I live at King and Locke. It takes me 15 minutes to get to Eastgate Square via Burlington Street. Main/Queenston takes about 20. So, the shorter route already exists.

I would like Andrew, and any other 2-way opponents to deal directly with these questions....or we can just throw around strawmen phrases like 'urbanist cause of the moment' and 'downtown supermarket' as a smokescreen for the fact that there are no problems or flaws with my above points. Hamilton will continue to function just fine with 2-way streets, as is evidenced by everything east of the Delta and everything from Stoney Creek to the Mountain to Ancaster to Dundas and Waterdown.

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